Thursday, January 19, 2006

Essay #25: A Changing of the Guard at the Iraqi Tribunal

Three new comments are posted at Grotian Moment blog, the Saddam Hussein Trial blog, regarding a change of judges. International jutisprudence reaches a new level of candor as the key participants openly discuss the pros and cons of events as they unfold. These three short essays are not simply three different arguments for the same conclusion. They represent a real diversity of opinion, with serious give-and-take rebuttals in a publilshed discussion that continues in trackbacks in the sidebar. (Gives a whole new meaning to the term "sidebar." Heh!)

This changing of the guard should not be seen as a sign that Judge Amin had bungled the trial...OR...This is a wake-up call to all who are concerned that the trial of Saddam Hussein be carried out fairly and impartially...OR...this is a moral victory for the various indictees and a blow to the rule of law in Iraq...

Take your pick.

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