Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Najma -- Times Select guest columnist

Congratulations are in order for Iraqi teen-blogger "Aunt Najma" who has been invited to write for the New York Times.

Okay, okay, I confess, I betrayed you :((I wrote somewhere else all this time and didn't tell you, but I swear I would have.. If only I had time!!They asked me and I couldn't resist, who cares if I write in the mid-year exams if I'm gonna make money out of it!!?

I was and am writitng in NY times this month..

I'm a guest columnist at Times Select, which you can't read if you don't have a subscription to Times select, and can't subscribe without paying for it. And so I can't copy my posts here since I'll be betraying them too..

Please forgive me..
PLEASE!!Anyway, I'm not the only betrayer!! But I'm a good person, and won't mention the others 'til they tell you themselves.

Oh, oh, I almost forgot the reason why I got here in the first place, I wanted to wish all the Muslims in the world, a very happy Eid.. Enjoy your time while you can, and remember, somewhere in this world, there are people who have to go home before 8 because of the curfew, poooor people, aren't they?

And they have to study for the Mid-year exams because they're right after Eid..And, they have to write to NY times while studying..But, they'll still miss this small spot of their own.. Their very cozy blog.

God, I have home sickness!!!
WIERD..BTW, my new pajamas have a big writing in the front that says: UNIVERSITY! And guess what? I love it...

Hey, wish me luck, I know I look insane up there, but I'm also happy.. It is obvious, right?

Oh, and I got to delete two comments the other day, will have to deal with that later since one was seriously angry at something that is sooo wrong!!

Nobody, but nobody writes like an adolescent. There is an effervescent sparkle here that is universal among teens.
I have been reading this young woman's blog, modestly called Star from Mosul, for over a year, watching her grow, and thinking to myself that she embodies one facet of the Iraqi national image that should make that country proud. Her family must be very pleased with her development. As a reader of her blog, I know I am.

Footnote: When I started this weblog her blog was one of the few included in my blogroll. Due to a dustup in December over something she posted, I modified the blogroll to substitute a more comprehensive link to Iraq-related blogs. I really don't think that blogrolls amount to much, but they are a rough indicator to the character of the host. I'm thinking of putting Star from Mosul back where it was when I started.

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