Saturday, January 14, 2006

Boortz is right about public schools: Stupid in America

One of Neal Boortz' favorite whipping boys when news is slow is the specter of education in America. His relentless diatribes about "government schools" sometimes cause me to switch to NPR, whatever is playing (normally classical music) because he sounds like a broken record.

Stupid in America, a report from ABC News affirms that a lack of choice in schools is taking a toll on educational outcomes.

In San Jose, Calif., some parents break the rules to get their kids into Fremont Union schools. They're so much better than neighboring schools that parents sometimes cheat to get their kids in by pretending to live in the school district.

"We have maybe hundreds of kids who are here illegally, under false pretenses," said District Superintendent Steve Rowley.

Inspector John Lozano works for the district going door-to-door to check if kids really live where they say they live. And even seeing that a child is present at a particular address isn't enough. Lozano says he needs to look inside the house to make sure the student really lives there.

Think about what he's doing.

The school district police send him into your daughter's bedroom. He even goes through drawers and closets if he has to.

At one house he found a computer and some teen magazines and pictures of a student with her friends. He decided that student passed the residency test.

But a grandmother who listed an address in his district is caught. The people who answered the door when Lozano visited told him she didn't live there.

Two days later, I talked with the grandmother who tried to get her grandson into the Fremont schools.

"I was actually crying. I was crying in front of this 14-year-old. Why can't they just let parents to get in the school of their choice?" she asked.

My wife says she saw it on TV but I missed it.
Do you suppose blogging is yielding a subset of people who know a lot about what they find on the internet but don't know what the weather is going to do? Or that the CSI episode that was so great was a re-run from earlier in the season?

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