Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Assisted Suicide in Oregon

The Supreme Court said okay.
This issue can be a hot button, so discussing it will cause a lot of arguments.
The news is spewing forth.

Hilzoy's essay is full of common sense.

...Some liberals have been known to argue that anyone who opposes something ought to think that federal laws against it should be upheld, regardless of whether those laws have anything to do with any power given to Congress under the Constitution. Likewise, some conservatives who normally rail against judicial activism in the abstract are furious when the court strikes down laws banning things they happen not to like, regardless of whether or not the Congress had the right to enact those laws. In both cases, the idea that one might like a procedure for making decisions better than any alternative, even when in a given instance it produces a result one doesn't like, seems to get lost.

It's real.
It happened.
Get over it.

I have taken a lot of time to prepare my own package of instructions about what is commonly referred to as "critical conditions." Unless and until someone has done that personally, I think they should make no comment on this decision until they have.

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