Monday, January 16, 2006

German loyalty test for aliens

"The interior ministers of two German states have recently advanced important measures for containing radical Islam. They bear close attention across the West."

Daniel Pipes comments on screening tests to be administered to Muslim candidates for citizenship. Pipes seems to like the idea.

John Rosenthal describes the test and furnishes an English translation. He also translates snips from Udo Wolter, writing in the self-described “leftist weekly” from Berlin Jungle World . Udo Walter is skeptical that the tests will have the desired effect. Rosenthal translates some of his remarks.

An English translation of the test can be found here. Examples...

3) In films, plays, and books, the religious feelings are sometimes insulted of those who have different religious beliefs. According to you which methods are acceptable for individuals to" use to fight against such religious insults and which not.

4 )How do you feel about criticism about your religion? Do you find this permissible? Could you discuss this?

5) In Germany political parties and organizations can be banned due to their stated opposition to the constitution and rule of law. Would you,in spite of such a ban, still support such a party and such an organization? Under what circumstances?

6) What do you think of the statement: That a wife must obey her husband and he can hit her if she does not obey him ?

7) Do you think it is permissible that a man shuts his wife and daughter into the house in order to prevent them from dishonoring him in public?

8) In Germany the police can intervene in a violent argument between a married couple, and in order to prevent further threats can send the aggressor out of the house for several days. What do you think about this?

17) Your adult daughter/your wife would like to dress like other German girls and women . Would you attempt to prevent her from doing this? If so, with what methods?

18) For female citizenship candidates: Your adult daughter would very much like to dress like other girls and women too, but your husband is against it - What would you do?

23) You have heard about the attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York and on March 11th 2004 in Madrid. In your eyes were the perpetrators terrorists or freedom fighters? Explain your viewpoint.

29) Imagine this: Your adult son comes to you and declares that he is a homosexual. He says that he would like to live together with another man. How would you react?

30) In Germany several politicians have openly proclaimed that they are homosexual. What do you think about homosexuals in Germany holding public office?

The whole enterprise strikes me as transparently stupid. What closet terrorist would answer any of these questions in a self-incriminating manner? And what family member who only wanted to live with his or her children, grand-children or other family members who were already citizens would not lie in order to be legally received?

Rosenthal has the last, and most ominous word:
The last time Germany made a large-scale systematic practice of
“denaturalizations” [Ausb├╝rgerungen] of German citizens was, namely, under the
Third Reich... and with the consequences that one knows.

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