Thursday, January 05, 2006

Steyn as Toynbee

That essay by Mark Steyn is getting a lot of play. A lot of folks find it better than a cold beer after a hot day working in the yard. Just what I needed, they say. Amen, brother.

Neal Boortz was practically drooling. (And I didn't even get to listen to the main hour, I had to report to work.) His program notes don't make any reference to the essay, which was apparently picked up by the WSJ. According to the notes he slept in. My guess is that the Mark Steyn essay was so juicy that he knew he could do an easy program from that platform alone.

QD at Southern Appeal (I stole the post headline) makes good observations including...

...the “soft decadent” culture of the West, replete with its consumerism, hedonism, and all that jazz is both soft and decadent AND powerful and enticing. For every nutcase who decides that Allah wants him to strap some dynamite on his chest, I’d bet there are a thousand who think Allah wants him to strap himself into his new Opel so he doesn’t get hurt on his way home from work.

Sorry. The essay still strikes me as more divisive than enlightening. Kinda like talk radio. Big on entertainment and short on content.

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Jim said...

Hoots, the idea of Muslims worldwide as "these guys" has stronger legs than you might think. A man would be bigoted to say "all Greeks are liars," but if all Greeks were liars the bigot would also be correct. There certainly are some nice Muslim folks; I sold my Clearwater home to an incredibly nice Sunni family. But the problem is that bigotry on the Muslim side. Hatred of the West and of Christianity has a stranglehold amongst Arab Muslims (and not a few North African Muslims) worldwide. I'm afraid I tend to agree with Steyn more than not.