Sunday, January 29, 2006

In Memoriam: Aya al-Astal

Separate post here for one little girl, lost in the excitement of the last two days...

Aya was 13 years old. Aya was carrying a basket, and got lost on her back back home to the Qarara area of south-central Gaza on Thursday, not far from the border fence with Israel. Israeli occupation forces shot her four times with live ammuniation, two rounds at least hitting her in the neck on Thursday, after suspecting she was a dangerous terrorist (their defense: "she got close to the fence"). But the media was too busy covering the "political earthquake that shook the region." Four bullets. To the neck. This from arguably the most sophisticated army in the world. Apparently, the soldiers mistook her basket for a bomb. Binoculars anyone? Medics found her body, riddled with bullets, hours after she had been murdered. May you rest in peace littl Aya. May you rest in peace.

posted by Lailaumyousuf @ Saturday, January 28, 2006
The comments are heartbreaking, especially those intended to gloss over the event or minimize its impact as a symbol of the madness of the time.

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