Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nota bene: lawprofs blogging

Can't resist.

Three law professors post florid complaints about too many words used to say too few ideas.
and Here.

Actually, they all make the same excellent point, that lawyers may be guilty of many things, but an economy of words is not on the list.

The point is well-taken. How often have I sifted through sheets of legalese hunting for the point? And I don't think this is anything unique to me. Ever been to a real estate closing? When was the last time you signed up with a new doctor? Shoot, even starting a job involves a pile of papers. You would think the company, having hired you, is already at the edge of firing you before you ever report to work. (Come to think of it, I've seen that happen a time or two...I suppose that's what the fuss is about. In order to prove "damages" before any actions have been taken requires -- what did Ann call it-- a lot of circumlocution and pretentiousness? Protection, preemption, whatever.)

Lot's of attention to the notion of pithy. By Althouse and in the comments thread.
I rather like that word.
I'm trying to find a clever way to work in the phrase "Pith on it!"

I noticed when I first started following blogs that lawyers, grad students and their peers seemed over-represented as a group. And not because Glenn Reynolds was/is the Intelligent Designer of the Blogiverse. I figured it was due to their having too much time on their hands. So with only words to sell (time being money, you know), it follows that the more you write, the more you make. Like knitted potholders piling up in the closet, the more you have to peddle, the more you can cash in when the potholder market turns around.

I am amazed that Althouse has enough time to read books, see films, listen to audio, be supportive of her kids and teach law...and blog! That, to me, is a sterling example of time management. It's a good thing she already has a family, because if that still had to come into existence she would never have time to make one.

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