Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King has died

Georgia State Representative Tyrone Brooks, speaking on an Atlanta television station, points out that Coretta Scott King is a powerful figure in her own right having carried on the fight that her husband had led, starting with his murder. It is fair to say that without her drive and determination there would be no national holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mr. Brooks, who joined the SCLC in 1967, the year before King was killed, described how Mrs. King's name and reputation abroad is as well-known as that of her late husband. She was a tireless leader in the fight for human rights far beyond the issues of discrimination that have handicapped black people in America. Her name, he said, is recognized and respected around the world. If you mention the name "King" in many places, the question is asked, "Are you referring to Martin or Coretta?"

He makes a valid point that we need to remember today. Coretta Scott King and her family, by building and promoting the Center for Non-Violent Social Change have insured that the principles for which King died will not be forgotten.

Martin and Coretta are once again united, and The Dream still lives.

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