Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another glimpse from Abu Khaleel

A few weeks ago I linked to Abu Khaleel's reference to the prophetic words of an angry resident of Sadr City writing under the screen name Shalash al Iraqi. His translation of this man's boiling rage has been actualized in the outbreak of what no one can now deny is a civil war in Iraq. Oddly, the forces of central government, which should be a source of order, seem instead to be as much a part of the conflict as darker forces refuse to cooperate. Abbetted by US forces hesitant to intervene, savage militia groups create more problems than solutions for a trembling, vengeful Iraqi central command.

In the midst of this civil war loving parents are sending their children to safety, sometimes going with them to safer places. Abu Khaleel now says goodbye to his youngest child with a moving blessing. No words from me can add to the power of his post.

Goodbye my boy. May the Goddesses of Safety, Happiness and Good Fortune blow gently in your sails. I hope you forget all your agony and your lost childhood, leave the pain behind, make new dreams and forge ahead in a world of hope and achievement.

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