Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bin Laden Dying?

Is this a real story or a fabrication for some other purpose?

Info Live TV in Jerusalem reports breaking news:

An Arab press report claims that Osama bin Laden is terminally ill. The report says that US intelligence operatives have learned about Bin Laden's deteriorating health.
The report adds that Bin Laden is immobile, and being visited by relatives at his hiding place, where he is making his last video recordings before he dies, and distributing copies to his associates.

According to the report, Bin Laden has appointed a man known as Dr. Dawahiri, as his successor. In addition, he has appointed lieutenants in key locations, and has instructed them to continue their terrorist activity, including attacks on western targets, and assassinations of key political figures.

US intelligence sources reportedly said that Al Qaeda leaders don't meet in person, instead communicating by letter through couriers. Most of Al Qaeda's membership, according to the report, is hiding in the Muslim countries of the former Soviet Union. The rest are in the tribal areas of the Pakistani-Afghan border region.

On Saturday, Al Qaeda posted a recorded message by Bin Laden warning Iraq's Shiite Muslims not to cooperate with the US in battling Sunni insurgents.

I was alerted by a referral to my blog from a French blog.

Fifteen hours later:

The link changed to another sensational lede. I guess Info Live TV wants to build traffic more than credibility. Too bad. They put a lot of effort into a pretty snappy format.

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