Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dr. Bob on Vanderleun

When I read Gerard Vanderleun's most recent essay I wanted to link to it but couldn't find the right words. Anything I wrote read like a toddler babblig while pointing to an elephant in a parade. Dr. Bob did it much better. So go read his intro, then the gem.

The essay is about unresolved hatred and resentment and their corrosive effect on the person who harbors them. Gerard's description is delicious.

Then I'd siphon up another glass of black hate from the dark well of my heart, knock it back neat, and get on to my favorite part: punishment. I won't go into the punishments I would imagine except to say that I have an extremely vivid imagination and that being in the book and movie "American Psycho" would have seemed like an all expenses paid day at Disneyland by comparison. After all, it is the nature of hate to feed upon itself and, like all addictions, demand greater and greater quantities to become sated. Let's just say I ate my revenge slow and cold with a table knife.

Better than Hemmingway if you ask me.

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vanderleun said...

Thanks for the link and especially the link to Dr. Bob. I deeply appreciate all the far too kind things said about my work on this site.