Monday, July 10, 2006

Video Collection

My internet video collection is getting big enough that I need to start keeping up with them in one place. This post will do the trick.

Amazing Juggler, Chris Bliss, Mar 3, 2006 Long routine, four and a half minutes
How to fold a teeshirt Japanese, less than a minute
Indoor flying model airplane, Germany, two and a half minutes
Diet Coke and Mentos, several minutes. This is the real deal.
Marimba Ponies, Japanese kids with marimbas, xylaphones, cymbals
A week in the life of the Panama Canal Time lapsed into eleven minutes, no sound
Dear Mr. President, by Pink four and a half minute anti-war statement in song
Happy Birthday song by Marilyn Monroe , sung to JFK May 19, 1962
Extraordinary Christmas lights, Mason, Ohio, three minutes with great sound
US History in Ten Minutes, Education made better by technology
Duet from Bizet's The Pearlfishers, six minutes, Link to Hoot's notes
Russian Climbing Video, nine minutes

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