Saturday, July 22, 2006

Reading links

TTLB summary page...
Palestinian bloggers first, scroll down to find Israeli blog links followed by Lebanese blogs, and last "others."

Leila, who links to a grief-laden poem.

Fayrouz Hancock's post from last Sunday.
She is from Iraq but non-combatants in war are not separated by nationality. She knows well what she is observing when she speaks of "this dialogue of the deaf."
Note this comment: I think God miscalculated the result of sending the three prophets to the Middle East.

Dr. Leon Hadar is from Lebanon.

Bitter humor...As you drill into the links, don't miss the Sun's reportage.

Baheyya weighs in from Egypt. Pictures and remarks.
Why her?
Well, because the Muslim Brotherhood is the soil from which Hamas has grown, Gaza's role in the current unpleasantness is being overlooked, and Beheyya is one of the smartest observers of politics in that part of the world.
Sunni participation at this moment has not been reported, but if and when it happens the current conflict will have reached a new level. Those who think what is happening is as bad as it can get are not seeing all the possibilities.

And in case you missed it, go read Lisa Goldman's story about those photos of smiling Israeli girls writing on artillery shells with felt-tip markers. Everywhere I go I see those pictures and imagine the inflammatory effect they must have on this conflict.

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