Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dr. Bob cuts to the chase

After reams of background information, Dr. Bob gets around to advancing some positive -- and I mean really positive -- remedies for a broken health care/insurance system.

Pay physicians by time: In virtually every profession and avocation, including law, accounting, consulting, and most trades, the primary measure of one’s efforts is the time spent performing the task at which you are trained and skilled.

Dismantle the dysfunctional relationship between health-care payors and health-care providers: This one is going to ruffle some feathers. The current private health-care insurance industry makes huge profits by acting as the middleman between the patient and provider. They use the complexity of the system to deny payments for legitimate medical services, to reduce reimbursement to physicians, while raising premiums purportedly justified by climbing health-care costs....mandate that universal catastrophic coverage be required for all, with very large deductibles, perhaps $25,000.

Provide tax credits for physicians to see the poor.

Don't skip this one.

If this man wants to start a movement he has my full support.

At times like this I wish I has been blogging for traffic instead of a duke's mixture of items that resemble a scrapbook more than a volume with focus. Dr. Bob's observations deserve wide distribution and discussion. If anyone with influence comes across this post, please take a moment to assess what Dr. Bob has been writing, read this particular post closely, then get with the program.

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