Friday, July 07, 2006

Bleg: Killing the Buddha

Killing the Buddha is not on my blogroll because (a) only rarely do they publish something that catches my fancy and (b) Jeff Sharlet IS being tracked by Bloglines at The Revealer and he will post a heads-up if something important is over at KTB. He should know since he was a co-founder.

Anyway, they have been doing important, creative and workmanlike writing since they started but now they are in need of money. All they need is four thousand dollars, and for modest donations they are giving away books.

If you don't already know about KTB you at least need to fill in that ignorant spot in your general inventory of information and go read about it. That evocative name is a good place to start, then skipping through the archives will be more interesting. [Try THIS on for size.] I was reminded about KTB this morning because one of my most enduring posts, a Probiotic Grace before Meals, continues to get search hits more than a year after posting. I got one just yesterday and hardly a week passes that someone doesn't want to take a look at that great piece of work. (No hard data, but my instinct is that more than eighty percent of my hits come from searches, probably because I use easy to find keywords and phrases in post titles -- mainly so I can find them more easily myself! I doubt I have more than fifteen or twenty readers, tops. And that number could be high.)

Thanks for reading, and now go do what you need to do. As they say, "There are now little Buddha-killers to consider, and given the choice between server fees and baby food, they've got to go with the Gerber."

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