Thursday, July 20, 2006

Israel - Lebanon - Hezbollah links for today

Thanks partly to the alphabet Aqoul is at the top of the aggregator, making it near the start of my morning reading. (I used to fret about this, but I realized that blogging is in reverse creative order and reading a list of sources, a la Bloglines, has a longer lasting effect than any individual piece.) Today The Lounsbury puts his acerbic, convoluted keyboard to work looking at a few British pieces from the Times of London and Financial Times.

Rather than have me try to summarize his post it is better you go and read for yourself. With a tight, condescending style (think Hitchens with the temperament of Dr. House) Lounsbury suggests Israel may be pushing the envelope.

Certainly, situations as described in Dead are left to rot in the rubble as airstrikes make rescue impossible are not going to produce a positive dynamic inside Leb Land, and I hazard the guess that contraIsrael's real interests, Hizbullah stands a very decent chance of emerging politically strengthened if the Israeli forces continue in the same vein as present (which is not a given to be sure).

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In her quiet, passive-aggressive manner Leila makes a sharp comment that strikes home:
Yes, all of our tribes suffer from terrible, terrible, murderous flaws. We need leaders who are more wise than the people. Instead we have George W. Bush. God help us.

And here Lisa Goldman tells the story of how inflammatory photo images can be as damaging to peace as any munitions.
The image...caused a huge storm of outrage in the Arab blogosphere. Huge. You wouldn't believe how huge. The widely-read Gulf-based Palestinian blogger who was the first to post it received so much traffic that he had to move the photo to another server. Many others, including several I know personally, posted it and expressed their disgust. Israeli children taught to hate! Lebanese children are dying and they're happy! They're no better than... (fill in the blank, I don't want to go there).

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