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Diana Moon quit blogging

The Blog Ate My Life
By Diana Moon
"Blogging behind enemy lines"
The American Conservative
June 19, 2006 Issue

The new issue of
The American Conservative arrived today, via computer subscription. One of the feature articles is by former blogger Diana Moon, who writes from the perspective of a member of BA: Blogger’s Anonymous.

She’s a self-described blogging addict, who has put away her keyboard and now rages against blogging like former smokers rage against cigarettes. It’s actually a pretty good piece, but in the middle, she launches into the old (I’ve been hearing it for over six months now, so it’s old by cyber standards) critique of blogging: It does “not encourage thought.” It’s not “real writing,” because real writing is “painstaking and demanding.”

The Daily Eudemon
Blogging Jeremiad

Hmm. That's all I know at the moment. I have been checking frequently to see when she was going to return to blogging. My wait is over, I suppose. Too bad. For me she was as fresh as a ray of sunshine. Apparently there was more going on in her life than could be seen by reading her blog. Here's hoping she finds what she is looking for.

The link is now to some unrelated place. I hope they paid well for it because Letter from Gotham is on lots of blogrolls.

From the Google cache...

Final post, March 29

OVERWHELMED. On March 27, I received a notice from the IRS telling me that I owed them nearly fifteen grand in back taxes and penalties. From looking at the paperwork, I knew that it had to do with the purchase of a CD in late 2004.

The next day I called the broker who had completed the transaction. He told me that he had "redeemed" the existing CD for one of a higher yield and that I should have notified the IRS of this. No matter, a non-issue, he said, he would just send me all the paperwork, I would send this onto the IRS and the matter would be closed.

He lied.

[more details snipped]

I can't tell you how enraged I am. I sincerely hope this does not do anything to my credit rating. If it does, then I've been damaged, and I'll have to seek legal counsel. I hope that doesn't happen. If there's anything less fun than dealing with the IRS, it's consulting lawyers.

I cannot believe the gross incompetence of this man. You always think that these things happen to the other guy. Well, they don't.

March 22

SEE THE SAW LADY. If you just happen to be in the Times Square station, go and listen to the ethereal sounds of The Saw Lady.

Pics here. (Scroll down or search for "Diana".)

She is a busker, so her schedule tentative but she is usually at Times Square Mondays from noon to 3 or 4 PM; Union Square subway station (14th street, on the mezzanine by the N/R/W trains), Wednesdays, Lexington Ave @ 59th street (uptown #6 train platform), Fridays, noon to 3 or 4 PM.

This is what she's doing now, I suppose.
H/T Rittemhouse

The Stoner Olympics have arrived...At some point, the zeitgeist decreed that skiing, a sport in which athletes attain speeds up to 85 mph and expert practitioners have died, is dull and stodgy, and snowboarding, a sport of judged tricks, is not...the networks are run by people who have a dollar sign where the Y chromosome normally is...

She writes like someone making surgical instruments. Very, very gifted. This is not the first time she stopped blogging, but I have a feeling it may be the last. Blogging is not only time-consuming but potentially toxic to some individuals, a kind of creative writing substance abuse. Not everybody's cup of tea.

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