Saturday, July 29, 2006

Is the NY Times making this up?

Banking in the new Iraq...

The two armored vans left a branch of the Warka Bank on Thursday around noon, loaded with 1.191 billion dinars, or nearly $800,000. Almost immediately, on a busy street near the Baghdad zoo, the drivers spotted an oncoming Iraqi Army convoy, led by a shiny new Humvee. They followed standard procedure and pulled over.

But the convoy stopped, and an officer politely ordered the surprised drivers and guards to lay down their guns while his men searched the vans for bombs.

Within minutes all eight drivers and guards had been handcuffed and locked in the back of one of the vans on a suffocating 120-degree day, the cash had been stolen by the men in the convoy — whoever they were — and the Iraqi banking system marked another day of its slow slide into oblivion.

The only thing atypical about Thursday’s robbery, which was described by bank and Interior Ministry officials, is that most private banks try to avoid using armored vans, because they draw too much attention, and instead toss sacks of cash into ordinary cars for furtive dashes through the streets of Baghdad.

However the cash goes out, it risks being lost in the wash of robbery, kidnapping and intrigue that now plagues the system.

"...stolen by the men in the convoy -- whoever they were..."

And this is why we are having a war? This is what passes for success? This is why men die? This is why we have them on that wall???

Treasonous damn media. Why do they want to print such a thing? It's reporting like that that makes us lose the war. Right?

Probably made it up...
Sorry, ignorant leftist fools...

I try hard not to sink to this level of blogging, but sometimes it's like popping chocolate cordials. Too tempting to skip. This isn't carjacking or blackmarketing cigarettes. This is major criminal activity. It's not white-collar crime. It's not at night. It's not sectarian conflict. This is brazen wholesale criminal activity.

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