Saturday, July 22, 2006

"You cannot exterminate us. You can decimate our numbers but you cannot defeat us."

We will plant a grapevine in the parched ruins of our houses and we will graft new olive saplings onto the blasted stumps and we will fertilize our orchardswith the bones of our dead and we will endure, we will return. Whatever is left to us, we will celebrate, and we will go to our deaths with lyric poetry on our lips, watching the sun drop into the blood-colored sea.

Leila's father has bad news. He and his family react with nobility and courage. Go read.

Lebanon is taking a lot of hits.

Some poeple there say it is beginning to resemble Iraq.


Leila said...

Hey, do you mind including a link to my post within the text of my words? Because the paragraph I wrote is showing up other places without attribution to me.

I appreciate the link, thank you.

Hoots said...

No problem. Done.
The post title is also linked.
You are an inspiration to many people. It is clear from what you wrote about your father that the apple didn't fall far from that tree.