Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend reflections

It is Sunday morning and I am about to take a break from blogging and start my day. This morning's reading and posts have left me feeling wrung-out and emotionally numb. As I was surfing about before taking a break, I came across a couple of posts that give meaning to any and all efforts to bring to an end this terrible war in Iraq.

This June 19 post by a lady dentist from Mosul only takes a moment to read. In a pained litany of heartbreaking reflections we find...In the second exam my daughter and her class mates, continued their exam although there was heavy shooting in the street, and so much blasts, they had to put their fears aside and continue their test. Last Monday I counted the exploded mines in the road that lead to my work, they were 7 large craters.

This is the same source which posted an account of the brave Iraqi child whose visit to the dentist revealed much more than a dental problem.

And finally, yesterday's summary of Iraqi blogs by Salim Adil continues to paint a big, tragic picture of what continues there.

Please, God, let peace come to this high-profile part of our world so we might turn our attention to less well-known places. Because they have no oil, political stability or other identifiable assets many places continue to be overlooked by a comfortable, well-fed, affluent population that knows not of their existence. It is not our intention to be indifferent to suffering, Dear Lord, but that is often what we find is happening.

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