Saturday, July 15, 2006

Marc Lynch, Leila Abu-Saba observations...

Marc Lynch:

The only reason I’m not calling more loudly for Bush to get involved and take a leadership role in the conflict is the expectation that he would probably do the wrong thing. But at this point, doing nothing is, in fact, doing something. The Bush administration right now looks weak, confused, and vaguely pathetic... which is better than batshit crazy (like the folks who are demanding that America either smile on or even join in a war with Damascus and/or Tehran), but not nearly as good as exercising actual grown-up leadership at a time when the world could really, really use some.
That's the spoiler to a longer post that deserves closer reading, but it was too good not to copy. First comment is from Leila Abu-Saba, who has friends and family near what could become a military target zone.
...I have a whole village full of relatives holed up a kilometer east of the Ain-el-Hilweh camp. My aunt has enough gasoline to power the generator for 5 to 10 days, if she only uses it to pump water.

I have not been this frightened for South Lebanon since June 1982. I'm concerned about famine and rioting with all the services cut and a blockade on, not to mention the death already meted out and the deaths to come.

It could get worse but this is very, very, very bad.
As you might expect her blog is an important source of all the latest information, timely and to the point. It has been on my list for a long time. I have never fouond anything but good words and kindness at her place. This has to be an awful time for her.

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