Monday, November 22, 2004

Another look at Mosul

I'm not the only one reading Najma's blog.
And I'm not the only one appalled by what is happening in Mosul.

Running Scared: Postcards from Hell: Staggering, staggering, staggering, mind blowing incompetence. If this is the best we can do, and apparently it is, then we are long past the point where we should just declare victory and go home.

We can hope that 2Slick's obvious appreciation for the town is not restricted to one man's point of view.

Looks like the focus is shifting to Mosul, my old stomping grounds. Make no mistake- Mosul is not Fallujah. Mosul is an amazing city with a history that would blow your mind. Did you know that Mosul lies directly on the old Biblical province of Nineveh? Locals told me (every chance they had) that it is the oldest known city in the world. It is an amazing amalgamation (big word for the day) of Sunnis, Kurds, Assyrian Christians, and even some Jews (there used to be lots). Jonah's Tomb is right in the middle of town. Some say it used to be a Jewish Synagogue. Don't repeat that to a local Sunni Arab unless you're ready to rumble. It's a fascinating town, really. When peace finally reigns supreme in Iraq (and it will), Mosul will become an absolute gold mine for history buffs and archaeological types. Amazing sights to see there. There are many PhD-holding professors, doctors, intellectuals, etc.- many of whom were educated in Michigan, Ohio, the UK, you name it. They are going through an amazing change right now, and it sounds like things are going to get even more interesting for them.

More interesting. Right.

[Personal note. Things may have changed since I was serving Uncle Sugar. It's been nearly forty years, now. But I remember as though it were yesterday that those of us who even gave a damn about where we were was a very small minority. I heard men assigned to Hawaii complaining about "boredom", if you can believe that. And I was on my way to Korea. When I got there I had a great time, learning about the language, culture and history. Most of my peers, however, were more interested in getting drunk, getting laid or getting out. Reading weblogs helps me hope that today's soldiers could be a cut above what I witnessed, but when I read American Soldier's rant I know that they are still in the same no-escape situation that soldiers have been trapped in from the start of history. When everything else is stripped away it is still kill or be killed. That position can have a corrosive effect on one's character.]


Anonymous said...

Hootsbuddy has fallen for the fake Najma's blog. How stupid can he be?

bob (a.) said...

Hi HB -

Different strokes for different folks, but I don't think much of her blog personally.

This is more like what is the reality in Iraq :

On your tour versus the current armed forces, I am suprised that someone of your great perception doesn't see the transformation that has been caused by going from forced servitude (draft) to a enterprise base force (volunteer). Are you in the camp of the guy who passed the note to risawn about the 'kosovo invasion'?

For some detoxification, take this tour.



bob (a.) said...

PS - Some MSM support for my comments volunteer versus
via insta.

Hoots said...

I'm sure. Mine is such a minority view that I doubt anyone would agree. If they did, chances are it would never be published.