Thursday, November 04, 2004

Notes post mortem

I went to "The Horserace Blog" for the purpose of deleting it from my reading list. After all, the election is over and I have other things to think about. Besides, there can't be much more to say, with the contest over and all.
Boy was I wrong!
This guy's just getting warmed up. His post-election comments are long, deep and inciteful.
Go look:

The Horserace Blog: Election Analysis Part 1: Kerry and the Democrats: "I would also like to make a note about John Edwards. His political career is over. America dispatches losing vice-presidential candidates to the political wilderness quickly and ruthlessly. Just ask Ferraro and Kemp (if you can find them), or, for that matter Bob Dole. It took the latter twenty years and three tries to move from the vice presidential nomination to the presidential nomination."

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