Tuesday, November 09, 2004

History unfolding...

This morning's most gripping reading comes from Belmont Club.
Thanks to real-time reporting of the Fallujah campaign there is more than enough material for a white-knuckled account. I am reminded of the days of radio, before television images limited the imagination of the listener. This play by play description of the war evokes all the movie images of war, together with any personal experiences the reader may have.
The comments section is the usual muddled stream of multiple threads, with wisdom and ignorance braided in a tangled dredlock.
At the end of the post, before the comments, is this:

Belmont Club: "Thinking Muslim and Arab leaders probably recognize the handwriting on the wall, but like the peace factions in wartime Germany and Japan, are still reluctant to step forward. This is tragic, because like the unequal struggle in Fallujah, once the US gains the strategic upper hand its advantages will progressively mount and a hideous, irresistible annihilation of enemy forces will unfold, until despair brings an enemy statesman forward; not too late for his society, but too tardy to save the wasted lives of their young men." Link

Aptly said. A "hideous, irresistible annihilation of enemy forces will unfold", too late for the young.
I wonder how that statesman will explain to the widows and children of those who died why their men are gone.

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