Sunday, November 14, 2004

The war comes to Mosul

Najma writes:

While I was writing my previous post, S called and told mom that the stryker is gone. Mom and dad went to S's house to see her husband and his family, and to take Aya and bring her here. So, I have more news about the accident of S's father-in-law death.

He wasn't going to the clinic as we thought. He went to buy some things for Eid on foot. In his way back, shooting started near him, he was standing near a shop and so the shop's owner asked him to come stay in the shop till it calms down a little. In his way to the shop, he was shot with two American bullets, one got in his leg and went out from the other side, the other hit his finger and went to the leg too. He bleeded too much, the shop's owner tried to get him a taxi, but there were a curfew and there are no cars. A man saw him and recognized him and dropped him at the hospital and went back to his family..

When his family got there, he was already dead. They say that he died in the car. The main cause if his death is that he was bleeding a lot and there were no cars to get him to a hospital immediately.

My brother-in-law arrived to Mosul, and spent the whole way from the garage to the bridge on foot. He passed half of the bridge on foot till Americans stopped everybody and told them to sit on the bridge. They sat there for 1:30 hours, they had futoor there since some people on the bridge were shopping.. He then walked home, got into the house with a smiling face inspite of his tiredness, till he heard the news! Like everyone else, he was shocked.

Mom and dad didn't get Aya home with them hoping that she might make her father feel better and fill his time.. I hope she will!

Another unfortunate person, is my brother-in-law's sister. Who got stuck like us at her house, and couldn't go see her dad for the last time before they buried him, she couldn't even see her mom till today at morning.

There's a huge rumor (I don't know if it really is a rumor), that the American troops withdrew from Mosul.. Is that good or bad? We won't know till things either calm down or not.

If you click to the link, take a look at the comments.
I live daily with deep gratitude that I and most people I know are spared tragedy such as this.

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