Monday, November 29, 2004

Johnny-Dee looks at worship

This is worth repeating.

Kierkegaard explained that there are three types of people at a play: prompters, actors, and audience. Prompters are the people who whisper lines and directions to the actors. Actors are the people putting the show on the stage. The audience are those who watch and judge the play. Kierkegaard thought many people saw worship incorrectly, that they considered God to be the prompter, the clergy to be the actors, and the congregation as the audience. (I think this same problem persists in evangelical churches.) Kierkegaard thought that worship ought to fit his analogy this way: the clergy are the prompters, the members of the congregation are the actors, and God is the audience. I wish more evangelicals thought this way about worship.

That succinct observation of today's Church, derived from Kierkegaard, is about as clear as any I have found. It comes from a young man in Michigan whose blog I have been following.

As they say, read the whole thing.

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