Thursday, November 11, 2004

Arafat's Death

Jonathan Edelstein is a New York lawyer, and one of the smartest thirty-one year old people I have come across. Very clear thinker.

The Head Heeb: "Arafat died a leader who betrayed his people's trust in the most profound way possible, and he died a humiliating death, lingering in a Paris hospital while his wife and colleagues fought over his financial and political legacy. In the end, however, the manner of his death may have been a partial atonement for the damage he has done to the Palestinian nation. Had he died in an Israeli attack, or had he died suddenly under circumstances where his succession could not be arranged, the region might have gone up in flames. As it is, he died under the eyes of French doctors who could certify that the cause of his death was natural, and his week in limbo provided time for his burial place to be negotiated and an orderly succession arranged. The chances of building something from the ruins are, if not great, at least somewhat better than they would have been had Arafat died at the Muqata."

He's right. It could have been far worse had his death resembled martyrdom instead of the passing of a worn-out old man.

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I'm 33 now, but thanks. :)

Jonathan Edelstein