Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Don't mess with THIS cowboy

This is a story everyone will have to read. I expect it to become part of this president's image, cited regularly to illustrate a character trait. And I don't mean that in any disparaging way. I rather like what he did:

washingtonpost.com: Spats Over Security Roil Summit in Chile: It took Bush several minutes to realize what was happening. The president and the first lady walked on through the door onto a big red carpet, looking relaxed. They greeted Lagos and his wife, Luisa Duran. 'You want us to pose here?' Bush asked Lagos with a grin, and they turned to face a wall of flashes.

Then Bush either realized he was missing something, or he heard the commotion. The president, who is rarely alone, even in his own house, turned and walked back to the front door unaccompanied, facing the backs of a sea of dark suits. Bush, with his right hand, reached over the suits and pointed insistently at Trotta. At first the officials, with their backs to him and their heads in the rumble, did not realize it was the president intervening. Bush then braced himself against someone and lunged to retrieve the agent, who was still arguing with the Chileans. The shocked Chilean officials then released Trotta.

Trotta walked in behind Bush, who looked enormously pleased with himself. He was wearing the expression that some critics call a smirk, and his eyebrows shot up as if to wink at bystanders.

Pejman picked up on the story this morning and added...

Coming soon: My account of how I got into a knifefight with a bunch of Hell's Angels. You'll also want to read my story of an open air grapple-fest between me and some huge mustachioed guy who just didn't know when to quit. Among the spectators was an orangutang.

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