Tuesday, November 16, 2004

In the Agora, a new blog

In the Agora is a new blog, first published today. A group of former individual bloggers are pooling resources to take their weblogging talents to the next level. I now have to replace the Josh Claybourn bookmark with this one.
Economy of scale, time management and all that, I'm sure. No dummies, they.

Scanning the sidebar, I found He Lives and some other blogs of a religious temperament. This reference to the Agora is worth noting, the name of the new blog being what it is...

He Lives: "At the Agora, Paul debated with followers of at least two of the great schools of philosophy that were flourishing, the Epicureans and the Stoics. The Epicureans were borderline ascetic, championing life's "simpler" pleasures and tranquility and freedom from fear through knowledge, friendship, and temperate living. The Epicureans are the presages of the scientific classes, and they denounced superstition and divine intervention and the afterlife. The Stoics were like Star Trek's Mr. Spock: free of the passions of love, hate, fear, pain, and pleasure. Some translations use the word "babbler" to depict how these philosophers described Paul and his arguments, but the actual word was Athenian slang: spermologos, which was used for a sort of pseudo-intellectual charlatan who retailed scraps of learning that he picked up during his travels."

[Paul's debating at the Agora, incidentally, got him an invitation to the Aeropagus, a more important venue, where he was able to spread the gospel more effectively.]

This site goes in my "new to read" folder until I figure out where it might better fit so I don't lose it.

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