Saturday, November 20, 2004

Is this true???

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Baghdad's spiralling transport costs: A 15-mile stretch between Baghdad airport and the city centre is said to be the world's most expensive taxi ride.
Small convoys of armoured cars and Western gunmen charge about [$5,108] for the perilous journey.
"You could jump in an Iraqi taxi with a gun and get there for $20," said one security contractor, quoted by the UK's Times newspaper.

But with kidnappings a daily occurrence and Westerners being sold to Islamist militant groups for about �150,000, he advised against it.

A few thousand pounds will afford you two cars and four Western ex-military bodyguards, usually American, South African or British, packing MP5 submachine guns, M16 rifles and/or AK47 assault rifles.

The client rides in one vehicle at speeds averaging 100 mph, while the other, called the "gun car", travels close-by, looking out for potential assailants.

From Baghdad to the airport already?

I have been under the impression that things have been getting better.
It was just last year that the boss showed up for Thanksgiving dinner with the troops. What was that all about?

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