Sunday, November 14, 2004

Updated blogroll

Links on the sidebar have been updated.
Since this is my home page, I find it handy to hit a couple of places without having to use the dropdown lists which are getting out of hand. There must be about two hundred "favorites" now listed, poorly arranged among half a dozen folders. Like a messy desk, I plan to get it organized sometime, but whenever I start I get distracted. Just when I am about to delete something, I hit an interesting post and can't let it drop.
Anyway, here is something I got tonight through Doc Searls. He knows all the right people from the start of the internet. And he still has his finger on all the right pulses. From Dan Bricklin's log:

I had a strange experience just now. I'm flying JetBlue for the first time.
They have personal flat-panel displays at each seat, with satellite feeds. 36 channels (well, not all were working). When I flew a few weeks ago on United during an historic Red Sox game, we were lucky to hear updates every half inning from the pilot (I made it home in time to watch the end). I was putting the final touches on a keynote speech I'm giving next week at the Computer Reseller News Hall of Fame Awards. One of the points I make is about mobility, connectivity, and the move from point products to modular systems. Then I started listening to Adam Curry's November 11th podcast. This was the first one of his that I'd listened to (I tend more to the ITConversations type of podcasts so far). Adam is more tilted to pop culture than Doc Searls and the Gillmor gang, with his music and his background and stuff. Then I got a real dose of pop culture: Up on the screen of the person next to me was Court TV: The Scott Peterson trial verdict was going to be announced in a few minutes. They were going to have a live audio feed. I haven't followed this trial at all, so I wasn't too interested, but from the number of times I've heard reference to it in the news, I guess it's a big deal to lots of people. Looking down the aisle, as the time grew closer more and more screens were showing Court TV. Finally the verdict: Guilty. (Even I paused Adam, and moved my earphones from MP3 player to seat phone jack so I could take a picture at the correct moment.) A few minutes later, most people were back to watching the other stuff. Court TV was still talking about the trial -- hours and hours on the same thing during this flight. I listened to some classical music on my MP3 player and blogged.

He has pictures taken on the plane showing how passengers were tuning their individual sets. This is how I vicariously keep in touch from the comfort of my keyboard. [The Adam Curry reference caught my attention because I was aware of his podcasts, having heard the November 2 release that was my first knowledge of the ritual killing of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam by a Muslim extremist.]

As for links in the sidebar, There is no particular order or selection of importance. Most are there for my convenience. I like checking the photoblog from China which adds pictures every couple of weeks. The archives is a treasure. Political Compass is an inteeresting tool to guage one's politics in more than two dimensions. I think the statements change from time to time to keep it from being boring, but I'm not sure.
Anyway, enjoy...

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