Monday, November 08, 2004

The Horserace Blog: The End of the Horserace Blog

One man got fed up with the mainstream media (MSM) and started a blogged alternative. The result was impressive, and now that the election is over, he is moving on with other things.
Too bad more people can't take after his example.

The Horserace Blog: The End of the Horserace Blog: "It was bad that they [the media] had nothing intelligent to say; it was worse that they insisted on repeating themselves every hour on the hour. I realized that I could do a better job than the MSM. Presidential politics, like any subject ripe for intellectual inquiry, is really nothing more than a puzzle that can be solved. I decided to solve the puzzle of presidential politics, so to speak. That was when the Horserace Blog was born.

Now, the election is over. The only thing left is the governance, which for me is much less interesting. So, the horserace blog ends with the horserace."

Take a look at the long string of comments from greatful readers.
Let's hope the record stays on the web even though the writer has stopped contributing.

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