Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Creative thinking...

I notice that Juan Cole's post lists places all over the world that are breaking out in public protests over the US actions in Fallujah (coordinated, no doubt, by the Liberal Media and its toads in the Democrat party).

He lists Palestine, Lybia, Turkey, Pakistan, Chili, and Greece.

[Damn. That's a lot of copy and paste!]

Well just yesterday I got a heads up from my buddy Bob intended to get me detoxified about my poor attitude about the war. It was an avalanche of great news from the front lines by Arthur Chrenkoff, Australian blogger and American hyper-patriot, published in the Wall Street Journal.

So here's my idea:
All we have to do is get that wonderful summary of good news from the WSJ, translate it into as many languages as it takes, and drop it all over the world so everyone else can read it and see for themselves how badly misinformed they are.

Edumacation! What better way to change the world?
Once they see how well we are doing in Iraq they will surely turn from the error of their ways.

Like the country song said, "Who are you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?"

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